A million cunning plans

First read IT CAME FROM PLANET ZARGON!. Follow the link to the original document: Zargon.pdf.

The New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance is part of the greater problem of those who are devoted to treating humanity collectively. They have equated human beings with animals. In their continual development of increasing contempt for human kind, they have forgotten the big difference between humans and animals. Animals, when faced with the Zargon scenario, would either flee or hide–instinctively–and therefore ineffectively. Maybe some of the larger and fiercer animals would fight on a strictly one-on-one basis on rare occasions, but they would still be acting out of sheer instinct.

Humans are not entirely without instinct, but most of it has been replaced by what truly separates us from the animals: not the opposable thumb, but guile, treachery, deceit, cleverness, inventiveness, and the thirst for revenge.

All these traits are founded in the individuality inherent in a human being. Animals operate almost entirely by instinct; survival of the species is paramount. Flee or hide, very rarely fight; a specific battle may be won, but ultimately the war will be lost, because they are completely unaware that there is a war going on.

But the human forced into a survival situation relies not of sheer animals instinct, but on the terrible guile and cunning that sets us apart. Such guile and cunning as allows him to maliciously coordinate with fellow humans to become more effective when he wants, and the cleverness to invent, build or makeshift tools to make his survival more likely.

It’s almost too bad that we couldn’t have a Zargon scenario. To have such a clear enemy would make things so much easier.

Easier still, if they were edible.


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