“The Myth of the Conservative Legal Movement” review at Taki’s Mag

Taki’s Magazine: The Myth of the Conservative Legal Movement

Steven Teles set out to write a book explaining how conservatives in the law achieved stature and success and transformed a profession that had become monolithically liberal. What The Rise of the Conservative Legal Movement reveals, however, are that reports of liberalism’s demise have been greatly exaggerated and just how far away we are from a conservative and constitutionalist legal culture.

The consequences of this are profound. There will be an endless round of court decisions undoing traditional mores, practices, limitations on federal power, and punishments, and each of these developments will be cheered by the majority of legal academics and lapped up by fledgling lawyers as part of their legal training. Legal public-interest firms will continue to push new cases before well-disposed judges to allow them to build on liberal precedents. Anyone sympathetic to federalism and constitutionalism will be in much the same position they’ve been in since the days of Jefferson—nearly powerless to stop it.

Very interesting. Read the whole thing.


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