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Boo Hoo

Posted in The Big "L" on July 30, 2008 by Darkman

Washington Wire – : Bob Barr’s Campaign to Supporters: Send Cash—Quick!:

Part of Barr’s problem may be that his message of a “campaign to advance the causes of liberty, freedom and less government” has already been co-opted by Texas Republican Rep. Ron Paul, who failed to secure his party’s nomination but became an Internet star with his grassroots appeal and fund-raising organization. Paul is hosting a three day “Rally for the Republic” event in Minneapolis that will coincide briefly with the Republican nominating convention in St. Paul in early September.

So Barr is finally (maybe) realizing that we just aren’t buying it.

Note to whoever wrote this article: Ron Paul did not co-op Barr’s message. Barr co-opted Paul’s message. And not very effectively, at that.

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Vote Barr and be a part of the pack

Posted in Election 2008, The Big "L" on June 29, 2008 by Darkman

Yellow Dog Libertarianclick to enlarge

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The real Republican nightmare

Posted in Election 2008, The Big "L" on June 16, 2008 by Darkman

John Mashek writes a heavily biased piece with betrays either his ignorance of the truth or a deliberate attempt to “change” the truth–take your pick. In closing, he says:

The Republican nightmare is for Paul backers to stay at home in a close presidential election. It could happen, since everything else has this campaign.

No, that’s not the real nightmare. Here’s the real nightmare.

The Republicans–some of them, at least–have rendered the LP a feckless pseudo-party that disgruntled conservaties may blow off steam with, either by threatening to or actually voting for the LP ticket. The current Barr/Root team has been officially sanctioned and blessed by the Priests of Syrinx as the Official Alternative Republican Choice.

Here’s the nightmare: If enough people wrote in Ron Paul that he gathered a larger share than Barr/Root. That would be their real nightmare, and I daresay it may cause a few small pits of dread in a few politicians’ stomachs in the dark hours of those long November nights.

All things are vanity…

Posted in Election 2008, The Big "L", The Little "l" on June 5, 2008 by Darkman

Sign a letter to the GOP regarding Ron Paul, pledging that you will vote for the Republican candidate only if that candidate is Paul. Reasons? Mostly because they conclude that it is inevitable for McCain to lose–because of the draining effect of votes for Barr and write-ins for Paul. Also because mindlessly voting for Obama is one hell of a bandwagon these days.

Will it have any effect? In my opinion, no, none at all, and I am unanimous in that. But it might annoy some politician somewhere.

Traditionally, the Libertarian candidate gets 1% of the vote, however pundits are estimating that former GOP Representative Bob Barr will garner 5-8% or more. This is something the Libertarians are very excited about.

Ah! Pardon me while I weep sardonically.

Lesser enough?

Posted in The Big "L", The Most Fundamental Right on May 28, 2008 by Darkman provides us a detailed history of Bob Barr and the Lautenberg Amendment. This abomination of a law bars anyone who has been arrested for misdemeanor domestic violence from possessing a firearm. So a state misdemeanor charge results in a federal punishment equal to a felony conviction. What is misdemeanor domestic violence? Shouting really loud, a push, or hairspray in the face. Pay attention to that link, ladies, because this works both ways. Women can be punished under this law as well, by an abusive husband who claims that you slapped him. Or sprayed hairspray in his face.

Bob Barr, who is now the official Libertarian Party candidate for President, was a big backer of this law. This is only one example of how Barr has made it his business to assault the cause of liberty. He is not a libertarian by any measure.

Conservative Republicans who are still trying to decide which lesser evil to vote for should think long and hard about supporting Barr. Is he lesser enough for you?

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Alas, LP, we hardly knew ye (part 2)

Posted in The Big "L" on May 26, 2008 by Darkman

Classically Liberal: Libertarian Party 1972 – 2008: Rest in Peace.

It is with a heavy heart that I report the death of the Libertarian Party. It was only 36 years old — far too young to die. And while there is some dispute over whether the death was self-inflicted or murder, the death itself was tragic and sad.

Once billed as “The Party of Principle” those principles were sold down the river. On Sunday, May 25, 2008 the principles were abandoned, and the party was last seen gasping for air
before expiring.

In a campaign that has seen Americans agonizing over the “lesser” evil, the LP said to hell with it and went for the greater evil.

Soma, anyone?

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Alas, LP, we hardly knew ye.

Posted in The Big "L" on May 25, 2008 by Darkman

The LP Convention is over with a Barr/Root ticket. Pragmatism over principle everywhere I turn.

But then there was really no alternative.  A fake Libertarian or an utter lunatic–which way do you turn?

Yes, anyone who believes that children may make their own choices regarding “consensual” sex with adults is an utter lunatic–at best.