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Let us help you…

Posted in Police State on April 1, 2010 by Darkman

Or we’ll kill you.


eTrace = National Gun Registry

Posted in Police State, The Most Fundamental Right on October 27, 2009 by Darkman

In regard to this JPFO alert comes this response:

Are you aware that the BATFE has for several years been aggressively offering eTrace to local law enforcement agencies? They have the agency sign a memorandum of agreement and then the agency can run traces on any firearm they wish. The catch is that the agency has to agree to run a trace on ALL CRIME GUNS. The MOU defines a CRIME GUN as:

“The parties agree that a ‘crime gun’ is defined as “any firearm that is illegally possessed, used in a crime, taken into police custody, or suspected by law enforcement officials of having been used in a crime.”

The key word in this definition is “taken into police custody.” I have been a law enforcement officer for over thirty years and held positions up to the rank of Detective Commander. Only a very small portion of firearms that are taken into custody could possibly be considered a “crime gun.” TV and movies aside, we run into very few “smoking gun” cases where we have a firearm left at the scene a crime, and it is a rare instance that knowing who was the first lawful purchaser of a firearm would serve any investigatory purpose. We take hundreds of firearms into custody as found property, safe-keeping, recovered-stolen or in possession of individuals who have been arrested. In all those cases, including arrests, it is of very little consequence who bought the gun from Acme Sporting Goods ten years ago.

Please follow the link and read the whole thing.

Robert Powell has been allowed to resign

Posted in Police State on April 1, 2009 by Darkman

News snippet at NFL FanHouse.

That’s not good enough.  Until I hear he has been reduced to gathering aluminum cans from the side of the road because no one else will hire him, I won’t believe justice has been done.

Innocence is irrelevant

Posted in Police State on March 27, 2009 by Darkman

Guilty:  Because we say so, because we have the power to say so, and that’s how we keep you in your place.

DUI BLOG : Bad Drunk Driving Laws, False Evidence and a Fading Constitution

Minneapolis, MN. Mar. 25 – That Daryl Fleck , 55, may not have intended to drive when he was found sleeping drunk in the driver’s seat of his vehicle, parked in his home lot at 11:30 p.m. “is immaterial,” Judge Terri Stoneburner argued in a Minnesota Appeals Court decision that upheld Fleck’s drunk driving conviction…

A sleeping drunk with no intent to drive or motion to constitute driving can now be charged under Minnesota’s Driving While Impaired statute. Make no mistake: This ruling holds that the potential to commit crime constitutes actual crime, and one is guilty until proven innocent. “There is no evidence his purpose for being in the vehicle was inconsistent with driving,” the opinion stated.

By the same “logic,” if you are found admiring someone else’s cool car you are guilty of car theft, and if you are caught window-shopping you are guilty of burglary.

Via Two–Four, who has a quote that you also must read.

Legalized Armed Robbery

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You can drive into this dusty fleck of a town near the Texas-Louisiana border if you’re African-American, but you might not be able to drive out of it — at least not with your car, your cash, your jewelry or other valuables.That’s because the police here have allegedly found a way to strip motorists, many of them black, of their property without ever charging them with a crime. Instead, they offer out-of-towners a grim choice: voluntarily sign over your belongings to the town or face felony charges of money laundering or other serious crimes.

More than 140 people reluctantly accepted that deal from June 2006 to June 2008, according to court records. Among them were a black grandmother from Akron, Ohio, who surrendered $4,000 in cash after Tenaha police pulled her over, and an interracial couple from Houston, who gave up more than $6,000 after police threatened to seize their children and put them into foster care, the court documents show. Neither the grandmother nor the couple were charged with or convicted of any crime.

If an armed gang attempted to stop your car and rob you, you would be well within your rights to respond with lethal force to protect yourself and your property.  Unfortunately, these cowards are hiding behind badges and uniforms, which the vast majority have been conditioned to accept as signs of authority.

They are still nothing but an armed gang, running amok in the absence of anyone capable of stopping them.  They should be treated as such.

I guess it depends on the definition of “intact”

Posted in Police State on January 1, 2009 by Darkman

American Chronicle | How the President Undermined Civil Liberties:

Just look at how the president has destroyed our civil rights. A few examples, below, should suffice to make you understand we no longer live in a free and democratic country.

Examples follow, well worth reading, but then in spite of the introductory paragraph, a seemingly contradictory conclusion:

Despite these abuses, we muddled through their administrations with our liberties intact. Despite the hand-wring in the press for the last eight years, it appears we have survived George Bush as well. Let us hope we can say the same after four years of President Obama.

Have we, now?  You list these abuses that the government has gotten away with, and you still say that “we muddled through…with our liberties intact.”

I ask again:  Have we?  Have we, really?


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Mary Anaya said four armed deputies came into her house that day. She said she tried to keep them outside, even using physical force, but they came in and took Joel from the arms of her 12-year-old child.

“It was terror,” she said.

He was placed in the custody of the state Department of Health and Human Services.

A Douglas County juvenile court judge ordered the next day that the baby remain in foster care until the preliminary results came back and confirmed further testing wasn’t needed. Joel was returned to them Oct. 16, when the tests came back negative.

The high court, in the opinion written by Justice Lindsey Miller-Lerman, criticized the decisions that were made. While failure to do the required tests can be considered with other actions to conclude a child is being neglected, “failure to test under the newborn screening statutes, standing alone, does not establish neglect,” the judge wrote.

“There simply was no legal, factual, or logical basis to keep Joel in state custody after the blood sample was taken,” today’s opinion continues.

And yet…

But, she added, “What’s done can’t be undone. It’s only a small satisfaction that what was done to us was found to be wrong when there’s no consequences … it’s a small consolation.”

The court found that the actions of the four armed deputies were wrong, yet of course did nothing to punish them.

And there are other, less benign reasons for drawing a baby’s blood.  Don’t think there aren’t.