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The Mythical Roots of U.S. Drug Policy

Posted in Information Control on December 28, 2009 by Darkman


Soldier’s Disease — widespread addiction following massive administration of opiates during the Civil War — is the earliest and most often repeated example of a drug problem before the narcotics laws. The story exemplifies several basic themes used in support of continued drug prohibition — addiction is easy to acquire, hard to kick, and is a publicly noticed, i.e. asocial, problem. Soldier’s Disease, though, is a myth. Not one case of addiction was reported in medical records or the literature of the time; under ten references were made in the Nineteenth Century to addiction the cause of which was the Civil War; and no perjorative nickname for addicted veterans, like Soldier’s Disease, appeared in the literature until 1915, and it did not become part of the Conventional Wisdom of drug experts until almost a century after Appomattox.

How contemporary drug policy is based on something that never existed.


Criminalizing homeschool in Britain

Posted in Thought Control on December 12, 2009 by Darkman

HSLDA | Criminal Background Checks Part of Draconian Law Proposed for Homeschoolers

It is troubling to many homeschool advocates that the British government has gotten its facts wrong. It appears the government is trying to use any means necessary to justify their actions against homeschoolers. And though the report is currently the subject of a special inquiry by a parliament committee to determine whether it was conducted properly, its implications have raised concern with homeschool leaders outside Britain as well.

Emphasis mine.  It appears that way because it is that way.  The collective can tolerate no deviation.  The hell-hole that “Great” Britain has become was predicted by both George Orwell and Anthony Burgess, and it is a pattern for what they want the United States (and Canada for that matter) to also become.