Just a spoonful of sugar

Mary Poppins’ ghost appeared in a Google Street View photo.

How did it get there? Google put it there. They have done this in other places and with other fictional characters such as the Paddington Bear and Sherlock Holmes.

So what?

So this:  if they can put fictional characters where they aren’t, they can put real individuals where they aren’t.

This shouldn’t be news to anyone; the technology to do this has existed for quite some time.  But expect them to graduate from light-heartedly putting famous fictional characters into actual photos to light-heartedly putting actual individuals into actual photos.  Such falsified images will be recognized as false but used for propaganda anyway because the mindless herds will think it is so cool, and because to them, the idea is more important than the fact.

Just wait for it.  And don’t forget to use plenty of sugar.


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