I guess it depends on the definition of “intact”

American Chronicle | How the President Undermined Civil Liberties:

Just look at how the president has destroyed our civil rights. A few examples, below, should suffice to make you understand we no longer live in a free and democratic country.

Examples follow, well worth reading, but then in spite of the introductory paragraph, a seemingly contradictory conclusion:

Despite these abuses, we muddled through their administrations with our liberties intact. Despite the hand-wring in the press for the last eight years, it appears we have survived George Bush as well. Let us hope we can say the same after four years of President Obama.

Have we, now?  You list these abuses that the government has gotten away with, and you still say that “we muddled through…with our liberties intact.”

I ask again:  Have we?  Have we, really?


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