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Is this what passes for stirring rhetoric these days?

Posted in Amerika on January 13, 2009 by Darkman

Via Sipsey Street, we have this masterfully obsequious declaration:

As a member, I expect the National Rifle Association to fight gun control in the 111th Congress. If they have to get down on their hands and knees and kiss Harry Reid’s rosey red ass as part of a deal to stop a gun control bill, I’ll buy them the lip balm.

Where to begin?  I don’t want to get dragged into this mess, because I believe it to be a stupid, pointless waste of time and energy, but this is just too much.  Some may continue to call it “pragmatism,” but it is not.  It is simply denial.

Here is the truth as I see it:  You aren’t going to get a chance to kiss anyone’s ass.  It just isn’t going to happen that way this time.  There isn’t even going to be an old-style “compromise,” which was a compromise only in the socialistic newspeak meaning of the term:  that is, we lose a little instead of a lot and they grant us nothing.  This time, they will take everything.  Or, they will try.

I have said it before:  they have tasted blood this time.  They like it, and they want more.  They will be going into a feeding frenzy, mutilating us into oblivion with a million little laws.  There will be no way to remain both “law-abiding” and free.  It’s one or the other.  They aren’t going to let you have both anymore.

There won’t be any deal.  They are going to tell you how it goes down, and if you try to strike a deal they will laugh in your face and bring the boot down on the back of your neck.

Doesn’t anyone get it?  They are rabid dogs who have taken control, and they will do exactly what they want.  No legal sleight-of-hand is going to even slow them down this time.  The situation is beyond that.

I pray that I will be proven wrong.  But my faith is weak, and every day I see further evidence that I won’t be.


I guess it depends on the definition of “intact”

Posted in Police State on January 1, 2009 by Darkman

American Chronicle | How the President Undermined Civil Liberties:

Just look at how the president has destroyed our civil rights. A few examples, below, should suffice to make you understand we no longer live in a free and democratic country.

Examples follow, well worth reading, but then in spite of the introductory paragraph, a seemingly contradictory conclusion:

Despite these abuses, we muddled through their administrations with our liberties intact. Despite the hand-wring in the press for the last eight years, it appears we have survived George Bush as well. Let us hope we can say the same after four years of President Obama.

Have we, now?  You list these abuses that the government has gotten away with, and you still say that “we muddled through…with our liberties intact.”

I ask again:  Have we?  Have we, really?