Just a couple of comments on something from The Liberty Sphere:

But, The Chairman is dependent on crisis to consolidate power. Thus, the ‘crisis’ is made to sound worse than it is, courtesy of his new Pravda–the mainstream media. Dire warnings must be issued of the loss of ‘millions of jobs’ unless big government comes to the rescue.

Government has always, always relied on crisis to consolidate power.  Regardless of any so-called party affiliation.  They create crisis where there is none, and they exploit real crisis when it occurs; just look at all the unconstitutional laws (e.g., The Patriot Act) passed since 9/11.  Obama is simply being blatantly obvious about it.

And to those who may think I am engaging in more Obama-phobia or hysteria, I would remind you that The Chairman’s own new Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, candidly stated several months ago that it would be silly to allow a golden opportunity like an economic nosedive to slip by them.

As I said once before, the socialists have tasted blood, and they are going to find it very difficult to restrain themselves.  They are going to relax their deviousness and assume that no one stands in their way.  In a way, this is a good thing, because it is going to wake some people up.  Whether enough people will awaken in time, I cannot say.


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