This is NOT a moment to proud of

I have been reading the sentiment here and there that, yes, the U.S. elected a blatant Marxist; yes, he believes that private citizens should not be allowed the means to repel violent criminal attacks against themselves and their property; yes, he will likely destroy our already faltering economy; yes, he plans to create his own civilian force with mandatory service–but gosh, he’s black, and that’s something about which we should be proud.

No.  It is not.

Why was Obama elected?  I can think of two reasons.

The majority voters of the United States want a level of tyranny which they have never before personally experienced.  They want to be controlled like never before.  They want their wages to be garnished even more heavily than ever.  They want to be managed, fed and culled like cattle.

The other reason is the one no one wants to mention.  It’s not only the elephant in the room, it’s the elephant that’s about to drop a big steaming pile of fertilizer on what’s left of our freedom.

The majority of voters voted for him because of the pigmentation of his skin.

Should either of these reasons give us cause to be proud?  I defy anyone to logically argue that it is less racist to vote for someone because of his skin color than it is to vote against someone because of his skin color.

Remember, I said, “logically.”

So:  either the majority voters of the United States want a president who will do his best to stomp their freedom into the ground, or they want a president who is black.

There is nothing here to be proud of.  This election is merely evidence that racism in the United States is still going strong, and thought control (that is, “political correctness”) is stronger than ever.  Those who voted for him should be ashamed, and those who did not should be revolted.

If you really think that race will not be a huge part of the upcoming regime, you are not paying attention.  Any indication of discontent with the Fuhrer will bring accusations of racism.  Expect it.  In fact, it has already begun.

I would like to take this opportunity to mention a new addition to the blogroll:  The Real Barak Obama.


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