Intro to Anarchism

A good, quick introduction to anarchism at A Keyboard and a .45: Anarchism 101.

The first question that people ask of proponents of anarchism is if there is no government, who will take care of [insert “essential” government-provided service here]? This is one of those questions that is best answered by asking another question. Who is in charge of making sure that your local grocery store has the products that you want on hand when you show up to shop there? Who is in charge of making sure that some young person wants to go to medical school so that years later there is a doctor in the Emergency Room when you have need of one? Who was in charge of making sure the house you live in was built in the first place?

All these services are provided by private individuals who have decided to serve you in order to make their living. If they fail at providing the service you want at the quality you demand, then you fire them by no longer doing business with them until they improve. You can’t expect this much from any service the government provides since you generally have no power to fire them and the government always gets its fee from you in the form of taxes. The government can also pass laws that gives it the monopoly over some industries and businesses, including the business of passing laws, with no concern for keeping you, the customer, satisfied. Just compare at how things work at Fed-Ex and UPS over the quality of service provided by the U.S. Postal Service, which has a monopoly over handling the mail because the Federal government says so.

Don’t make the mistake of equating anarchy with violent chaos.  Or if you do, face the fact that our own government causes plenty of violence and chaos all on its own, and then ask yourself what’s the difference.

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