I wish I had been wrong

I hope I didn’t sound optimistic in yesterday’s post, because I didn’t mean to.  At best, I feel vindicated.

I have noticed a big difference in the attitudes of those who were still thinking that somehow the system worked, that somehow we could weasel our way out of disaster one more time–and those who realized the jig was up a long time ago.

We will now have an openly socialist government.  And the key word is “openly.”  I am in my mid-40’s, and this is exactly what I’ve seen coming for 25 years or more, and what I’ve tried to tell friends and associates many times, always to be ridiculed as a whacko.

I’m not gloating.  As I said, I feel vindicated, and in a sense, relieved.  The lines will be much clearer now.  Violations of fundamental rights will be much more obvious and blatant.  It is going to wake a lot of people up.

Is it too late?  Maybe.  But it has been far too easy for people to remain in denial as we slouched toward socialism.  We will now be taking long, bold steps and it will be very hard for anyone to ignore.  All you “lesser evilists” out there who have been shoving us further and further in the wrong direction will have to wake up and recognize what you’ve done.

Time to link to Mike Vanderboegh.  He writes it so much better than I.

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