I’ve been reading various other bloggers’ opinions on what may be to come.  Some say to relax, others suggest doom on the horizon.  I think it will be somewhere in between.  To those who are saying the coming presidency is no big deal:  you are badly underestimating the steamroller that a socialist president and socialist-controlled congress will become.  To the doomsingers I say:  it’s not the end of the world, and it’s not the end of this country.  The coming years will be ugly, rough, terrible, add a few more adjectives, but it isn’t the end.

The Obamaniacs have had a long stage of “hope.”  Hope for what?  No one knows, but they have it.  But now they’ve won.  The hope stage is ending.  Today began the Anticipation stage.

Remember Christmas Eve when you were a kid?  Remember how you consulted with your siblings and cousins, and talked about what you wanted and what you expected to get?  Speculating on the immense fortune that the future would bring was more fun than actually getting the gifts; by the end of the day you were stoked on adrenaline and could barely sleep, so worked up you were thinking about the next day.

But you were always a little disappointed, right?  You never really got everything, did you?  (I hope not, otherwise my analogy falls apart).

The Maniacs have two months to work themselves into an even greater lather on speculation of what they expect.  Then he takes office, and the Expectation phase begins.

Except a lot of those Expectations won’t be fulfilled.  A lot of those Expectations will take forms that were wholly unexpected, even by his sycophants.

The Expectation phase will be followed by a stage of inevitable Disappointment.  And following Disappoint, Anger.  But it could take a long time.

Well, I’m tired of trying to predict the future and I’m running low on chicken entrails.  I’m no one important, anyway.  But I have to say one or two more things before I leave it alone.

Expect the Democrat/socialists to try and get rid of the filibuster.  Some bloggers think they won’t do it because it would remove their last excuse for failure.  However, I am certain they will, the first time it is used to block one of their new proposals.  They have been making incremental gains for decades, but now they have tasted blood and it is going to be very hard for them to hold back from removing anything that blocks their way.  Neither will I be surprised if they try and remove the two-term limit on serving as President.

Forgive me for not providing links, but I have also read some bloggers who think that the MSM will turn against him fairly quickly.  I think this is possible, but it will be very long term and will depend on how frequently and how brusquely he “casts out” journalists who don’t display a proper level of unquestioning reverence.  If he plays them right, he could keep them as his unofficial propaganda department for years to come.  If he starts cutting them off for asking real questions, the confusion and resultant fury of the MSM will be a joy to behold.

Finally, I am reminded today of an episode of the British comedy Coupling.  It was made not long after the Labor Party had gained control, and one of the conservatives in the portrayed discussion made the point that now (paraphrasing), “We are the minority.  We are the opposition.  We are the revolution.”

This is something to remember.  The socialists have their way.  They control the Presidency and the Congress.  Within four years they may very well control the Supreme Court.  We are the opposition.  We are the revolution.

I am still convinced that the upcoming struggle will be one mostly of information.  The Democrats, or liberals, or socialists (pick your term) are going to swiftly run out of excuses.  The war will be won by hammering home the facts, again and again; by putting the information out there where it will be seen by anyone and everyone.  It isn’t going to be fun.  It’s going to be hard, frustrating work.  It could easily turn into dangerous work.  But by the time the Disappointment stage is reached, people are going to be feeling betrayed and looking for answers, and only the truth will catalyze their anger.


2 Responses to “Stages”

  1. Not trying to rain on your parade or anything…but I think it’s much more serious than all that.

    I don’t think that Obama and the Democrat congress will destroy this country in 4 or even 8 years. Yes, we survived Carter and Clinton and even FDR…but each and every one of them has taken us further down the path that ends with the end of the country as we know it.

    -The election of Obama, considering his platform of blatant class warfare, “spreading the wealth”, punishing business for their success and basically promising to pay everyone’s mortgage and car payment is absolute proof positive that Liberty and Freedom are no longer considered the ideal in this country. The majority wish for nothing more than to be kept. To be cared for. To be slaves.

    Barring a radical shift toward liberty (fat chance with entire generations of Americans being indoctrinated into the cult of the nanny state in public schools) This spells the end for the traditional American way of life.

    -When have newly created government agencies been disestablished? Heck…when have they ever even be reduced in size? Ever?

    When has an established entitlement program been repealed? When has a redistribution program been abolished?

    The socialist programs that Obama and his rubber stamp democrat congress enact will be with us until the fall of this nation. When we come out of this on the other side, we will no longer even resemble a free society. We will have completed the journey long ago begun into a socialist state.

    -The most liberal president in history is going to be naming judges to lifetime appointments to the federal judiciary for at least the next four years. The senate Democrats will only need to sway a couple of RINOs to vote in their favor to rubber stamp every one of his nominees.

    Can you say “legislating from the bench”? Get used to hearing that because the courts are going to be packed with judges intent on instituting their own flavor of “social justice” rather than upholding the Constitution and the law and they are going to be in office LONG after Obama is no longer the President.

    Our country may not be a smoldering wreck after four or eight years of an Obama Presidency…but neither will it be Recognizable as the Home of the Free and the land of the brave.

    The fall of the great American empire is now inevitable. Of course, many would say that it was inevitable since the day it was formed…but the end is in sight now. I sincerely believe that it will come within our children’s or our grandchildren’s lifetimes.

    And I say that we have failed them, and the memory of our forefathers miserably.

  2. […] I said once before, the socialists have tasted blood, and they are going to find it very difficult to restrain themselves.  They are going to relax […]

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