Required reading

By Doc Russia with The Dark Horse / The Black Stalin .  No quotes (just read it), and it’s a long one, showing evidence of Obama’s Marxism and touching on what may be to come.

I think, if Obama wins, the information war will really heat up.  We’ve already had a sort of cold war going with the MSM for several years, but an Obama win will make it much, much worse.  I expect frivolous lawsuits against bloggers to increase, because most won’t have the resources to fight even a bogus lawsuit.  But blogging is primarily preaching to the choir.  We may need to find other ways to reach those who really need to be reached; a kind of guerilla information war may result.  Dropping literature or DVDs in strategic places may be one way.  Localized “pirate radio” may be another.  It’s going to be a long, dark road if he wins, and the United States in a few years’ time will be barely recognizeable as the country it is even now.

Of course, McCain is not so great, either, what with McCain-Feingold.  The big difference is that McCain doesn’t have legions of mindless sycophants who hang on his every word and long merely to touch the hem of his cloak.


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