No dear, it’s called freedom

A man in North Carolina has put up signs discouraging Obama supporters from using his parking lot. Commenter Deborah from NC says:

Just another example of the kind of supporters the McCain/Palin Nazi Party is attracting these days. FACIST!

No Deborah, this is a perfect example of a free market in action.  This man owns this property.  He is free to do with it as he wishes.  If he wants to bar certain people from parking there, he is free to do so.  If his actions cause him to lose too much business and he stops making enough money to be profitable, he may find it necessary to sell the property, convert the property to another business, or change his parking policies.

By the way Deborah, I suppose this doesn’t bother you at all, does it?  But back to the subject at hand:

Henderson, a backer of Republican candidate John McCain, contends he wouldn’t actually tow parked Obama supporters out of his lot, he’s just injecting humor into the presidential race with his parking lot politics.

It’s caused something of a local stir — but Henderson insists the signs will stay up through the November 4 general election and that those who are rubbed the wrong way can “stay offended or get over it”.

Good advice.


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