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Emphasis on “dead”

Posted in Amerika, Information Control on October 24, 2008 by Darkman

Zombietime has an essay that everyone must read.

William Ayers’ forgotten communist manifesto: Prairie Fire

“I want you to imagine sitting in a room with 25 people, most of which have graduate degrees from Columbia and other well known educational centers, and hear them figuring out the logistics for the elimination of 25 million people.

And they were dead serious.”

via The War On Guns


What we have here is a prohibition to communicate

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News organizations will have to pay up if they want a prime spot to cover Democrat Barack Obama’s Election Night party in a downtown lakefront park.

Obama’s campaign, awash in money after raising a record-shattering $150 million last month, is asking news organizations to pay anywhere from $410 to $1,870 depending on where they want to be and if they want telephone or Internet service in Grant Park.

While it is customary for news organizations to pay their way when covering a presidential campaign, including transportation, hotels and Internet services, some have questioned the Obama campaign’s plan.

“It smells a lot like paying for access,” said Al Tompkins, a former TV news director who teaches broadcast and online journalism at the Poynter Institute in St. Petersburg, Fla.

For $1,870, a news organization can buy space on a main riser that will be covered, plus phone and Internet service, while $410 will get them space on a separate riser for photographers without phone or Internet access, but with electrical power. A seat in a heated press filing center will cost $935 and include power, cable TV, Internet and food.

The Chicago Tribune reported today that a “covered television platform suitable for network anchors would cost $29,700. Parking a satellite truck would be $990.”

There is one press credential reporters can get for free. It will provide access to a standing-room-only outdoor press area with no services that “may have obstructed views.”


The event will be free and open to the public.

“Free” and “open,” in that you will be free to stand somewhere in the open where you can’t see or hear anything and freeze your @$$ off while you try to live-blog with your cellphone.

Got a couple thousand bucks?  Then you can sit anywhere you want.  But don’t you dare say he’s elitist.

Warning past due

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UK prosecutor warns of ‘security state’:

Centuries of British civil liberties risk being broken by the relentless pressure from the “security state”, the country’s top prosecutor has warned.

Sir Ken MacDonald said the state’s expansion of technology into everyday life to combat terrorism could create a world that future generations “can’t bear”.

In a wide-ranging speech on Monday, the outgoing Director of Public Prosecutions appeared to condemn a series of key government policies.

He attacked terrorism proposals — including 42-day detention — identity card plans and the “paraphernalia of paranoia”.

Future generations? Could create?  I’d say you are already well past that point, Sir Ken.  And we are not far behind you.

Agent of Ignorance

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So last night I watched a documentary about Malvo and Williams, the DC area snipers.  I was stunned by the ignorance of an ATF agent, who said, “The head, or the projectile part of the bullet that comes out when you shoot…”

I guess I’m naïve, but I would have thought that since the “F” stands for “Firearms,” their agents would have at least some rudimentary knowledge of firearms terminology.  I know, I know.  I should know better than to expect such expertise from ATF agents.

Repeat after me:

The projectile is the bullet.
The projectile is the bullet.
The projectile is the bullet.

The entire object in question is correctly referred to as a cartridge.  The cartridge is made up of the shell or case, the primer, the propellant, sometimes a small bit of material wadding to hold the propellant in place (usually not), and…the bullet.

He also made a rather ignorant statement that since the .223 bullet travels at around 3,000 feet per second, “it will hit you before you ever hear the sound.”  As my kids would say, “Well, duh.”

And then there was another “expert” who was comparing the .223 to the 9mm and .40 S&W rounds, and who seemed confused that a lighter, more streamlined rifle bullet can go so much faster than squat, chunky pistol bullets.

And (again) then there was Chief “you’ve killed 5 adults but this time it was a kid so now you’ve stepped over the line” Moose.  You mean murdering 5 adults was not stepping over the line?

The whole program was enraging and outrageous.

And so they have

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…I would suggest that good and able men had better govern than be governed, since tis possible, indeed highly probable, that if the able and good withdraw themselves from society, the venal and ignorant will succeed.

–John Tyler, writing to Thomas Jefferson

Actively deny this

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ABC News: Army Orders Pain Ray Trucks; New Report Shows ‘Potential for Death’

It’s been a very long time coming. As we’ve previously reported, there have been calls to deploy the Active Denial System in Iraq going back to 2004. But it’s always been delayed for legal, political, and public relations reasons. Anything that might be condemned as torture is political dynamite. Interestingly, the version being bought is not the full-size “Version 2,” but a containerized system known as Silent Guardian, which Raytheon have been trying to sell for some time. They describe Silent Guardian as “roughly 1/3 the size and power of the other Active Denial Systems,” and quote it’s range as “greater than 250 meters.” The larger system has a range somewhere in excess of 700 meters.

Keep in mind how the mostly “non-lethal” Taser is being abused (here’s a recent example), and try to imagine the potential for abuse by this thing.  And just wait for one to be “deployed” domestically, just in case, you know, they have to deal with a mass of domestic terrorists.

No dear, it’s called freedom

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A man in North Carolina has put up signs discouraging Obama supporters from using his parking lot. Commenter Deborah from NC says:

Just another example of the kind of supporters the McCain/Palin Nazi Party is attracting these days. FACIST!

No Deborah, this is a perfect example of a free market in action.  This man owns this property.  He is free to do with it as he wishes.  If he wants to bar certain people from parking there, he is free to do so.  If his actions cause him to lose too much business and he stops making enough money to be profitable, he may find it necessary to sell the property, convert the property to another business, or change his parking policies.

By the way Deborah, I suppose this doesn’t bother you at all, does it?  But back to the subject at hand:

Henderson, a backer of Republican candidate John McCain, contends he wouldn’t actually tow parked Obama supporters out of his lot, he’s just injecting humor into the presidential race with his parking lot politics.

It’s caused something of a local stir — but Henderson insists the signs will stay up through the November 4 general election and that those who are rubbed the wrong way can “stay offended or get over it”.

Good advice.