And now, a word from the Loony Party

Via, from the BBC: Terry Gilliam renounces U.S. citizenship.

The 65-year-old native of Minnesota who emigrated to England in the 1960s and helped form the legendary comedy group Monty Python, held dual citizenship for three decades. (He married a British citizen and has three children.) This past year, though, he renounced his U.S. citizenship. He sees the current political scene in America ā€“ and its extension into the world ā€“ to be scarily similar to the Orwellian nightmare of his cult film.

And Britain is less Orwellian?

The report’s co-writer Dr David Murakami-Wood told BBC News that, compared to other industrialised Western states, the UK was “the most surveilled country”.

“We have more CCTV cameras and we have looser laws on privacy and data protection,” he said.

“We really do have a society which is premised both on state secrecy and the state not giving up its supposed right to keep information under control while, at the same time, wanting to know as much as it can about us.”

The report coincides with the publication by the human rights group Privacy International of figures that suggest Britain is the worst Western democracy at protecting individual privacy.

The two worst countries in the 36-nation survey are Malaysia and China, and Britain is one of the bottom five with “endemic surveillance”.

In other news, Gilliam plans to change his name to Wombat Icky Ptang Mangrove and run for Minister Without Clue.


One Response to “And now, a word from the Loony Party”

  1. Bravo for beating me to the punch on the comeback… obviously Mr. Gilliam has taken a course out of the frying pan by way of the fire. While the apparatus still struggles with such niceties as Constitutionality in the US, the news and commentary I read, plus my own visits to the UK, show that the police state there is being erected at an even more relentless pace.

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