Value pre-determined

From The Breeze:

Even if people were given a greater opportunity to defend themselves with guns, it would not stop people from being killed. Think about it: If someone kills another person in defense of their own life, their attacker is dead. A life would be saved, but one would be lost, too. It is not our job to determine whose life is more valuable.

Oh, but you are determining exactly that.  Those students who have worked hard all through high school to prepare themselves for college; those students who are working to put themselves through school or who have managed to earn a scholarship to help them pay for their school; those students who are working to graduate from college that they might achieve more in life, might attain better jobs and more ably provide for their future families; those students whose education will allow them to more potential to take part in and shape their communities; those students who have chosen the path that will lead them to become taxpayers and productive members of “society;” those are the very students that you have determined have less value than some evil vermin who kills them for the few dollars in their pockets, or worse, kills them simply because they happen to be there.  You have determined that these peaceable, law-abiding students have less value than the sub-human scum who would murder them because they will abide by the law and remain defenseless rather than risk jeopardizing their futures.

Don’t lie to yourself about it.  I will repeat it:  The next time a mass murderer starts shooting and none of his targets have the ability to fight back, someone will die.  You have already determined that the murderer’s life has more value by mandating the defenselessness of his victims.

If you had any conscience you would be disgusted with yourself.  But then, if you had any conscience you wouldn’t have written such disgusting garbage in the first place.

via The War On Guns


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