The Nazi roots of tobacco control

The Nazi roots of gun control have been well-documented. This article at Info Wars shows that the roots of modern “tobacco control” are also sprung from that most famous epitome of modern evil:

What conclusions can we draw from these parallels? Either the Nazis were benign really cared about everyone’s health or they used the specter of anti-smoking to exert massive control over people’s lives and scale back basic freedoms, getting a foot in the door for the political dictatorship that was to follow.

Similarly today, either the same elite that advocate “mass culling” of the majority of the world’s population really do care about public health and well-being or they are using the excuse of the anti-smoking drive to condition us to accept state regulation over every aspect of our personal lives.

It’s all about control, it’s all about letting you know who the bosses are. If the government can regulate personal habits and behavior, what’s next? If the state is so concerned about our good health as they would have you believe, why not use the latest scientific advancements to remove that nasty aggressive gene that causes so much unhappiness? Well, you’re causing those around you distress and harming their health so why not? Are your political opinions a mental illness? Are they harming society? Perhaps we should ban certain types of “free” speech that is offensive to others.

Also, the term “passive smoking” itself is of Nazi origin:

The term “passive smoking” (Passivrauchen) was coined by the Nazi Anti-Tobacco League. Its author, Fritz Lickint, offered no supporting evidence to claim that smokers poisoned everyone around them, while also stating that drinking coffee caused cancer.

Sure, smoking can kill you. So can a lot of other things. But as the writer of this article states,”smoking is unhealthy but it is healthier than fascism and government regulation of personal habits leads to dictatorship.”

I have long believed that the hysteria of the witch hunt will never end. If they succeed in stamping out tobacco use, they will find another target, and caffeine seems to me to be a likely one. I’m sure there are many other likely targets that I simply haven’t thought of because I’m not a wanna-be fascist.


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