Palin, Shmalin

So now the Conservatives are all in a tizzy over Sarah Palin. Some who swore not to vote for McCain have finally found the out they were looking for, and are now proclaiming their allegiance to Palin.

I might be able to see their point if Palin were the actual candidate, but she isn’t. Let’s face it: the VP essentially does nothing except cast a rare tie-breaker vote for the Senate, and does anyone expect the Senate to tie on anything in the near future? The VP is mostly just a place-holder who tries not to screw up too bad so he/she can run for Pres in four or eight years time.

No matter what, we’re still screwed. No matter which one gets elected this year, this country is going to be taking a giant step backwards and I don’t see how we will ever recover.


5 Responses to “Palin, Shmalin”

  1. I agree, all this shows is how much johnny mc, loves arm candy. Paulin would be a good candidate, but she runs in contrast to McCains agenda and will be given no pull in the Admin, she is sadly just a token to get votes. That is the McCain policy “use anyone, anytime, to advance ME”

  2. That’s very true, but you can’t escape the fact that McCain is 72 years old. If he makes it through his first time, will he be up for a second? Even if he is Palin will still be very young at the end of his second term.

    This positions her well for ascendancy and, if she lives up to the hype, a very strong conservative administration in our future.

    No, McCain is still not the ideal candidate. In fact, I’d say his level of suckitude is just barely below that of Obama…but if, as VP we can position a true conservative into a better launching point for a run in the future, that’s great news for us.

    We have no choice about the short term. We are either going to have Obama or McCain. No ifs, ands or buts about it.

    It’s time to stop wailing about the short term and start looking long term. We are where we are. We can’t go back and change that now. What we can change is where we will be in the future.

    That’s why some of us who were lukewarm about McCain are much more enthusiastic about McCain/Palin.

  3. The problem as I see it, Sailorcurt, is that we have no long term. We are officially out of time. We have been voting for the lesser evil for so long that we are far past the point of ever being able to vote for a good. Even if Palin does become the savior of the conservatives in 4 or 8 years time, so much evil will have taken place in the interim that there is no way we will ever dig ourselves out of it.

    I see only persecution, violence and death in the future for those who advocate true liberty. I hope I am wrong, but I have very little hope.

  4. Actually, the cynical side of me completely agrees with you.

    Our goose has been cooked for a long time. I’d say the origins can be traced all the way back to the aftermath of the civil war. It picked up steam in the 30’s with the Great Depression and the “New Deal” of FDR and has been rolling merrily downhill, picking up steam, ever since.

    It is the way of humankind. Most of us are sheep, plain and simple. Most Americans don’t want to be free…liberty is hard work. What they want is to be kept comfortable…with the emphasis on “kept”.

    Part of me truly believes that the demise of our society and system is inevitable.

    The problem is that the very thing that got us where we are is the reason that the proper people to put it right will never make it into the leadership positions. Over half of the American people live off of the efforts of the minority. As soon as that became true (many years ago), the end result was probably inevitable. People vote based upon what the candidates promise to take from someone else and give to them. As long as the people being taken from are outnumbered by the takers, that’s not going to change.

    But the problem is that I am hopeful by nature. I fully recognize that the end is probably inevitable at this point (and probably was from the day that Benjamin Franklin proclaimed the US “a Republic…if you can keep it.”

    But even acknowledging the historical proof that the vast majority of humankind is suited only for slavery (and tends to take the minority into it right along with them)…I still hold out hope that we can do better. That we can someday and somehow reverse the trend.

    If we fail. Well…we’re no worse off than having not tried at all.

  5. FDR was close, Liccoln was a true “begining of the end” in my book. Being from AZ, for years i said “i will NEVER vote for McCain, for ANY office.” That has put me in quite a quandry for a few months now. If i vote against my principles, than i really have lost. i have no choice personally than to make a 3rd Party vote, and with that even Barr sucks. I’m screwwd come november.

    Darkman, love the response…. so true, sad, but true.

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