Endorsing Genocide at Mother Jones

So William W. Wexler of stopdubya.com states in comments at Mother Jones:

Conservatives don’t have friends and I don’t consider them to qualify for personhood.


So I suppose that those who aren’t part of this silly liberal/conservative dichotomy are even less worthy of personhood. After all, if those who are part of a recognized movement such as conservatism are sub-human and not fit to live, then someone outside of that dichotomy must be even less worthy.

Questions for you Willie: what about disabled conservatives? What about homosexual conservatives? What about Jewish conservatives?

You know something, Willie? This has been done before. It worked that time, and quite well, since those who were deemed not fit for personhood had no way to stop it.

Know this: There are those who take such threats against ourselves and our families seriously, and this time, we have the wherewithal to put a stop to such evil.

via War On Guns


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