US device that finds gunman in seconds to be tested by police:

Technology used by the US military to trace snipers in Iraq and Afghanistan is to be employed by British police to combat gun crime and terrorism.

The ShotSpotter system, already used by police in 29 cities across the US, uses patented technology to detect the exact location of gunfire or explosives within 80ft in less than seven seconds. It works by using an elaborate network of microphones placed on lamp posts, rooftops, masts and pylons in urban crime hotspots.

Four British forces are interested in using the technology to combat organised crime and gang violence: Greater Manchester, Merseyside, West Midlands and the Metropolitan Police. It will be trialled in the UK in September and in use six months later.

The sensors, grouped between 15 and 20 per square mile, recognise the sound of gunfire or mortar. Within five to seven seconds of a shot or explosion, they send signals to each other via GPS (global positioning system), locating the source through “acoustic triangulation”. Less than a second later, a parallel video system can zoom in on the same spot, potentially identifying any criminals. Within 15 seconds of the shot, a detailed message is sent to police operators.

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1.  Does anyone know which 29 cities?

2.  Note:  “or armed civilian” in the article.

I don’t have anything clever or profound to say about this.  Just another article in the big stack that makes me think all is already lost, and too many just won’t admit it yet.

P.S.  “hones in on”  WTF?


2 Responses to “Spotshotter”

  1. I believe this is similar to the ones used in Tempe, Arizona. I have looked but have not been able to find any proof that they either deter crime or have been used to assist in proving justification for a “legal shooting.”

  2. These are a great tool for the Police.

    They enable the authorities to find and mark where the bodies fell very quickly and efficiently.

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