Circles and Lines

Ninth Stage writes a short but excellent post about drawing your “line in the sand.” I’ll not quote it, just read it.

I think that the upheaval that founded this country could not have happened too much later than it did. It required a people who knew that life was a hardship; people who did not live easily and expect things to be given to them. The vast majority now have been beaten into submission by comfort and state welfare. Too many think they have a “right” for other people to pay for their livelihood. Almost every person will grumble about paying taxes, but openly declare that taxation is theft to any of them, and see how fast they turn against you.

There will never be another such revolution. It has been too long, and now it’s too late. There may be scores of Ruby Ridges, dozens of Wacos, perhaps even hundreds of no-knock warrants served at what turned out to be the “wrong” address resulting in the unfortunate death of that resident. But there will be no revolution, no clear delineation, no Lexington and no Concord.


2 Responses to “Circles and Lines”

  1. Until and unless huge numbers of people adopt the worldview at I suspect, unfortunately, you’re right.

  2. Thanks for the link. My permalinks are fixed now, so you should be able to link directly to the post.

    I’ve thought a lot on the hardship thing but from the direction of the War on Poverty. Johnson could hardly have easier enslaved the lower classes by any other means.

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