The brutal truth

Paul Marks of Samizdata blogs on Totalitarianism in the United States of America in 2009?

“But why should non-Americans care what happens in the United States?”

Because the brutal truth is that neither Britain or any other part of the West can stand if America falls – there is not, and can not be, any Plan B.

Read the whole thing.

He also brings up a good point about how the “racism card” will be used if Obama is elected.

Already, those who oppose Obama on political matters have been called racist. This is both a matter of modern thought control as well as the cult-like irrationality of the true believers who have placed their faith in our current political system.

This use of the accusation of racism is only going to get worse. Those who publicly state they voted against him will be labeled racist, and those who oppose his proposed laws will certainly be labeled racist.

A supreme irony will be reached when Clarence Thomas becomes opposed to a measure which Obama supports.

I promise not to say “I told you so.”


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