“This could happen to anybody”

Study carefully the case of Robert Bayliss. Doing his best to keep up with his landowner permission fees. He did not live in a “compound,” nor even a “ranch.” He practiced no “odd” religion, he had no children to home-school.

He was just a poor man, a man known and liked by the surrounding community, who had nothing left but a shack and 18 acres. A man who had a legitimate grievance against his local “government.” Therefore, he was deemed a threat.

He was “lucky.” He lived. Read about it Pro Libertate:

The inaugural use to which that armored assault vehicle was put was much more illustrative of the priorities and function of the Homeland Security State, which is to maintain terror — not only the politically profitable fear of outsiders, but the tacit fear that commands submission to the State’s demands. The amount Bayliss owed was less than trivial, but his defiance — rooted in a very plausible set of grievances — could have proven contagious if not properly dealt with.

To maintain terror…

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