Let them eat paper

Complaints about the cost of gasoline. Complaints about the cost of food. Complaints about the cost of housing. Complaints about the cost of everything. The Democrats have finally come out of the closet and openly endorsed socialism. Good for them. I prefer an honest socialist to a deceitful one. It makes it so much easier for the unwashed masses to see what’s really going on. And it worked out so well for the Soviet Union. But…

But gasoline, food and housing and everything else are not more expensive. The sheaves of paper we trade for these things is simply worthless. Study carefully PricedInGold.com and be enlightened, Grasshopper.

Gas Price News | PricedInGold.com

Gas Prices Rise, but Remain Among the Lowest in the Last Decade

NEW YORK (AP/PricedInGold) – The cost of filling up the family car rose slightly Tuesday, but not enough to add to the challenges consumers already face with falling home values and collapsing stock portfolios. In fact, falling food prices and the lowest gasoline prices since 1996 are among the brightest spots in the consumer’s financial picture.

Gas prices at the pump rose overnight to a national average of 103.6 mg of gold per gallon, according to AAA and the Oil Price Information Service. That’s less than half of the recent high of 217.4 mg, set back in September of 2005.

On Tuesday, light sweet crude for April delivery rose to 3.518 gold grams on the New York Mercantile Exchange before retreating after the Energy Department and International Energy Agency cut crude consumption forecasts for this year. Futures settled 25 mg higher at 3.487 a barrel, about 5% below their price at the beginning of the year.

Where gas and oil go from here is anybody’s guess. Many analysts expect prices to fall, possibly retesting 2007 lows around 2.5 grams, while others predict oil could keep rising to retest the 2007 highs of 3.85 grams a barrel, or higher. Even with demand for gas expected to rise as warm weather arrives, analysts say pump prices are unlikely to rise above 125 mg a gallon and more likely to drop below the 100 mg level, regardless of what happens with oil prices. The Energy Department on Tuesday raised its forecast of how high prices will rise this spring to 112.3 mg a gallon.

Think on this as well.  So who is a counterfeiter?  Those who create currency without the sanction of the government.  But is there an inherent worth in the government’s paper that makes it more valuable than anyone else’s paper?  No.  It has worth only because the government says it does.  If there is anything to government does well, it is to ensure that any competition against it is illegal.

“Fiat” currency.  As in, Let there be

Let there be money. And there was money, and the government saw that it was good. So it said, Let there be more money. And there was more money, but its value was less. So the government said, Let there be even more money, and when that becomes worthless, let there be yet again more money.

And when that money becomes so utterly worthless that it buys nothing, the government will say, Let them eat paper.


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