The real Republican nightmare

John Mashek writes a heavily biased piece with betrays either his ignorance of the truth or a deliberate attempt to “change” the truth–take your pick. In closing, he says:

The Republican nightmare is for Paul backers to stay at home in a close presidential election. It could happen, since everything else has this campaign.

No, that’s not the real nightmare. Here’s the real nightmare.

The Republicans–some of them, at least–have rendered the LP a feckless pseudo-party that disgruntled conservaties may blow off steam with, either by threatening to or actually voting for the LP ticket. The current Barr/Root team has been officially sanctioned and blessed by the Priests of Syrinx as the Official Alternative Republican Choice.

Here’s the nightmare: If enough people wrote in Ron Paul that he gathered a larger share than Barr/Root. That would be their real nightmare, and I daresay it may cause a few small pits of dread in a few politicians’ stomachs in the dark hours of those long November nights.


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