Behavior Detection Officers

Relax...they\'re looking out for you.

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Beginning Saturday, June 21, 2008 passengers that willfully refuse to provide identification at security checkpoint will be denied access to the secure area of airports. This change will apply exclusively to individuals that simply refuse to provide any identification or assist transportation security officers in ascertaining their identity.

This new procedure will not affect passengers that may have misplaced, lost or otherwise do not have ID but are cooperative with officers. Cooperative passengers without ID may be subjected to additional screening protocols, including enhanced physical screening, enhanced carry-on and/or checked baggage screening, interviews with behavior detection or law enforcement officers and other measures.

It’s not a matter of security. If it were, everyone without an ID would be barred from flying. No, only those who aren’t helpful, friendly, and obsequious enough will be barred from flying. This is nothing but a matter of behavior control, and by extension, thought control.

Note the screen capture. They’re looking out for you, citizen–just in case you have a negative thought. They will save you from yourself, citizen. They can’t have you getting all willful, now. They only want you to be safe and happy, after all.

via Freedom Sight

One Response to “Behavior Detection Officers”

  1. Right to travel freely: dead.

    Coming soon to trains, buses and subways in a militarized “security zone” near you!

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