Don’t Blame Barr

I’ve been reading some lamentations of late to the effect that if (or when) McCain loses to Obama, it will be because of Bob Barr bleeding away votes.  I’ve made it clear so far that I’m no fan of Barr, but this is nonsense.

Frankly, with all the complaints that have been directed toward the Bush regime in general and toward McCain specifically, this kind of tenacious, misguided loyalty toward a party name just baffles me.

McCain is no friend of real conservatives.  The two most vocal activists groups are, perhaps, those who support and decry infringements against the First and Second Amendments.  Not only is McCain’s record not ideal, it is far from even being desirable–from a conservative perspective–on both of these fundamental rights (see here and here).

Even more baffling is how many conservatives are lamenting that they “can’t get a real conservative in the white house,” and then turn around and preemptively blame Barr for the oncoming expected loss with the next breath.

Conservatives:  you have put yourself in this position by repeatedly voting to keep a Democrat out of the White House instead of voting to elect a real conservative.  You have lesser-eviled yourselves into this predicament.

I know I have been blogging here for only about a year, but I have been reading blogs far longer than that.  I have read over and over again conservatives vowing “never again,” and yet here we are and you have forgotten your vows and are deciding to “hold your nose[s]” and vote McCain anyway.  You still haven’t learned.  If McCain does lose this election, you have no one to blame but yourselves.  You have nothing to do but pick yourselves up, dust yourselves off, take responsibility for your past actions, and stick with your true principles instead of with something that you have decided is a not-quite-so-bad-as-the-other violation of your principles.

But I’m sure you won’t.  You’ll just blame Barr, or maybe even Ron Paul.  Anyone but yourself.

I hope that you will prove me wrong.


One Response to “Don’t Blame Barr”

  1. I for one will not be holding my nose OR voting for any of these major party shysters. The only reason we have a two-party system is common assent.

    Think write-in

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