All things are vanity…

Sign a letter to the GOP regarding Ron Paul, pledging that you will vote for the Republican candidate only if that candidate is Paul. Reasons? Mostly because they conclude that it is inevitable for McCain to lose–because of the draining effect of votes for Barr and write-ins for Paul. Also because mindlessly voting for Obama is one hell of a bandwagon these days.

Will it have any effect? In my opinion, no, none at all, and I am unanimous in that. But it might annoy some politician somewhere.

Traditionally, the Libertarian candidate gets 1% of the vote, however pundits are estimating that former GOP Representative Bob Barr will garner 5-8% or more. This is something the Libertarians are very excited about.

Ah! Pardon me while I weep sardonically.


One Response to “All things are vanity…”

  1. The price of putting Barr on the ticket is probably 4 years of socialist Obama principles. But at least we’ll send a message to both parties that there’s a large enough percentage of people who still care about liberty to change the results of an election. One day, I’m convinved, people will wake up, and Libertarian’s will be the majority.

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