Utterly MADD

Pat Sherman of SignOnSanDiego.com makes no pretense: he (or she–purse or wallet, Pat?), is an authorized journalist skilled at licking the boots of his superiors. Brace yourself before you read Brush with death:

It was an elaborate hoax, but 36 students at El Camino High pulled it off with potentially life-saving consequences.

The result was a soberingly realistic dramatization about the dangers of drinking and driving, delivered with surprising professionalism.

Many juniors and seniors were driven to tears – a few to near hysterics – May 26 when a uniformed police officer arrived in several classrooms to notify them that a fellow student had been killed in a drunken-driving accident.

The officer read a brief eulogy, placed a rose on the deceased student’s seat, then left the class members to process their thoughts and emotions for the next hour.

The program, titled “Every 15 Minutes,” was designed by Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Its title refers to the frequency in which a person somewhere in the country dies in an alcohol-related traffic accident.

About 10 a.m., students were called to the athletic stadium, where they learned that their classmates had not died. There, a group of seniors, police officers and firefighters staged a startlingly realistic alcohol-induced fatal car crash. The students who had purportedly died portrayed ghostly apparitions encircling the scene.

What did we learn today, kids?

We learned that cops can’t be trusted. Well, they can be trusted to brutalize and torture you, sometimes psychologically, but still it’s brutality and torture.

Anything else?

We learned that MADD is collectively a group of psychopathic lunatics.

Yes, yes, but what was the most important lesson we learned today?

We learned that lying and cheating are perfectly permissible as long as the desired end is achieved.

via Classically Liberal


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