Lesser enough?

Gunowners.org provides us a detailed history of Bob Barr and the Lautenberg Amendment. This abomination of a law bars anyone who has been arrested for misdemeanor domestic violence from possessing a firearm. So a state misdemeanor charge results in a federal punishment equal to a felony conviction. What is misdemeanor domestic violence? Shouting really loud, a push, or hairspray in the face. Pay attention to that link, ladies, because this works both ways. Women can be punished under this law as well, by an abusive husband who claims that you slapped him. Or sprayed hairspray in his face.

Bob Barr, who is now the official Libertarian Party candidate for President, was a big backer of this law. This is only one example of how Barr has made it his business to assault the cause of liberty. He is not a libertarian by any measure.

Conservative Republicans who are still trying to decide which lesser evil to vote for should think long and hard about supporting Barr. Is he lesser enough for you?

via The War On Guns


One Response to “Lesser enough?”

  1. My momma always told me, “Forrest, evil is as evil does.”

    Meh, gradualists. The LP needs to change its motto.


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