The Trojan Elephants

I have never considered myself part of any political party, but I have watched the Libertarian Party and voted for its candidates almost since I was first eligible to vote. I have always believed that the LP would remain viable only as long as it didn’t seriously threaten the establishment Redemopublicrats. They use the mainstream media effectively to portray libertarians as nutcases, and many people who really should be more discerning have taken this spun portrayal as common-sense, irrefutable fact.

Which, I must say, is quite discouraging. But I digress.

I have always thought that if enough people began to actually listen to libertarian (or any other “third” party) ideas and to actually consider voting for libertarian (big “L” or little) candidates, then the establishment would have to resort to more drastic measures to ensure that the LP gained no power.

So here came Ron Paul. Running as a Republican, but everyone knows he’s a libertarian, and in the past has been a Libertarian. A lot of people listened. A lot of people started thinking. A lot of people started getting funny ideas about limited government.

The current candidates vying for Official LP Presidential Candidate are almost all just as disappointing as the establishment Redemopublicrat candidates. And there’s good reason. They are only Republicans–big government, socialistic if not socialist Republicans–in a very thin disguise.

Liberty for All posts Root or Barr would destroy the LP. Why? Because if one of them were to become the LP candidate, the mainstream media could then (truthfully) say that the LP is running just another Republican. All those people who began getting those funny ideas about limited government would get yet another big disappointment when they saw that the LP candidates are just the same as the mainstream Republican candidate. The LP would cease to be a “third” party. It would simply be a “Republican by another name” party. Not only would such candidates as these destroy the LP, they would do great damage to the awareness and acceptance of libertarian ideas.

And a lot of people would shrug and give up those funny new ideas.

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2 Responses to “The Trojan Elephants”

  1. If only there were a libertarian party. What we have is the big “L” Libertarian party. An aligned group of libertarians is as oxymoronic a group I can think of. We all (libertarians) have our radiating pet peeves and can never focus our attention on a single goal without an argument erupting.

    Nice site BTW (and thanks for the link).

  2. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Loyd.

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