The witch hunt never ends

Do you need to get even with someone? Simple. Just inform police that your target has marijuana in his house.

Evidence? They don’t need no stinkin’ evidence.

But in letters to his family, Ryan Frederick identifies Steven as the “confidential informant.” Frederick knew him. Steven was dating the sister of Frederick’s fiance. Family members tell NewsChannel Three that Frederick accused Steven of stealing something from Frederick’s home. Steven got mad and threatened to come back to Frederick’s house.

But he didn’t. He just tipped the cops that Frederick was distributing drugs. And in the best tradition of the War On (Those Who Are Accused of Using) Drugs, a no-knock raid was committed. Frederick defended his home from unannounced intruders, and a police officer died. Frederick now sits in prison for defending his own home.

But “Steven” is still out there. Better not cross him, because he’s a confidential informant, and if he decides you’re a witch, well, that means you’re a witch.

via Captain of a Crew of One


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