Guzzling the Kool-Aid

Mike Vanderboegh, via Western Rifle Shooters Association:

(McCain’s and Lieberman’s statements) create the entirely false impression that gun shows are some sort of Brigadoon, where the normal gun laws do not apply . . .(T)o the contrary, federal gun laws (for firearms dealers) apply at gun shows preecisely as they apply anywhere else. . . (But) if you are not engaged in the business, then the federal paperwork laws do not apply to you — nor should they, since federal power to regulate gun sales is based on the interstate commerce power, and a collector who sells three guns a year to people in his home state is not engaged in interstate commerce. . . In other words, there is no ‘gun show loophole.’ The phrase is an audacious lie, invented by people who want to abolish privacy for firearms owners . . . AGS is simply using Fabian tactics. Its own internal strategy documents state that its long-range goal is the licensing and registration of every gun owner in the United States. . . And, in fact, McCain-Lieberman does far more than impose federal registration and background checks on small-time, non-business vendors at gun shows. As I detail in the Issue Paper ‘Should Gun Shows Be Outlawed?’ McCain-Lieberman is a cornucopia of poison pills which would allow a future anti-gun executive branch to shut down gun shows entirely. In particular, the bill makes it illegal for a person to operate a gun show without a federal license, and structures the license application process so that licenses need never be issued. The bill indirectly requires that people who ATTEND gun shows must be registered. The bill even requires that people who cdon’t sell guns (e.g., the numerous book, food and clothing vendors at gun shows) be registered; and it would allow the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms to demand a list of every book being sold by a book vendor. Finally, McCain-Lieberman authorizes BATF to create additional, limitless gun-show regulations, which could be used to make it nearly impossible for gun shows to be held.” — National Review Online, 21 May 2002.

And the same man speaks at the recent NRA convention and receives two standing ovations.

But I’m sure the NRA is only being pragmatic.

via The War On Guns

UPDATE: Someone who was actually there provides a different view of these so-called “standing ovations.”

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