A Libertarian Mole?

From Last Free Voice. Bob Barr: An Enemy of Libertarians:

Though he now claims to be a Libertarian, sits on the LNC and wants to be our Presidential nominee, Bob Barr continues to support Republican candidates through his Republican PAC, called “The Bob Barr Leadership Fund”.

He doesn’t just support Republican candidates; he supports Republican candidates even when there is a Libertarian candidate for that same office. Worse, this has happened too many times for it to be simply explained away.

Q: Why should Libertarians support Barr for President, when Barr doesn’t support Libertarian candidates?

A: We should not. Libertarians should never support a presidential candidate who regularly stabs Libertarian candidates in the back by supporting their opponents.

Here are some of the races in which Barr, since he joined the LP, has supported a Republican candidate to the detriment of a Libertarian candidate for the same office.

Imagine the howls of outrage if a Redemopublican used PAC money to support third-party candidates running against their own. Follow the link for a detailed list of these contributions.

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