Feeding the fraud

Required reading by L. Neil Smith: With Friends Like The NRA …

In 1968, the NRA “signed off” on Thomas Dodd’s Nazi-inspired Gun Control Act, a story of deceit and treachery we’ve told here before – as covered in the book “Gateway to Tyranny”. (JPFO discovered this nasty connection, and that Dodd requested a translation of Hitler’s gun laws from the Library of Congress.) And never forget how the NRA actually helped resurrect the Brady Bill (the whole story is told at http://www.rmgo.org/brady.shtml ) — under which you must now beg for and receive the government’s permission to buy a gun — after it was considered to be as dead as a doornail in Congress.

The very existence of the BATFE, and therefore everything it does, violates the Second Amendment, and is therefore illegal. And yet, at http://www.jpfo.org/pdf/nraletter.pdf you can see for yourself, in the NRA’s own words, how and why it defends the existence of this criminal gang, and what the more highly principled Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, has to say about that. Vin Suprynowicz, columnist and assistant editorial page editor at the Las Vegas Review Journal simply calls the NRA “the world’s oldest and largest gun control organization”.

While it often calls publically for BATFE reforms (that turn out to be empty rhetoric because the agency’s value as an NRA fundraising device must never be compromised), the NRA has never called for — and will never call for — abolition of this unconstitutional agency, repeal of the tangled mass of unconstitutional laws it enforces, or even such badly-needed interim reforms as standardized, published firearms testing procedures, and fully recorded tests, accessible to public review, crucial issues over which perfectly innocent, law- abiding Americans are presently wasting huge chunks of their lives in prison.

via JPFO

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