20 Aces

I’ve been reading David Hardy’s Of Arms and the Law for a long time. I recognize and respect his expertise and knowledge in Second Amendment and legal matters. I’m just some nameless schmuck in pajamas. (Although, for the record, I do not live my mother’s basement. I prefer the attic. But seriously folks, I am married with children and am a property owner).

I can’t agree with his poker analogy:

If you don’t comprehend Cervantes, I can use a poker analogy. When you play poker, you play the hand you’ve got and you make the best of it. Sometimes (very rarely) you win a big pot. Other times, you win a small pot. Sometimes you break even. And yes…sometimes you lose with the hand you have.

But one thing’s for certain. You’re damned well guaranteed to lose if you fold.

Please folks, don’t fold on this. Folding is for when it’s time to invoke the purpose of the 2A…and that time sure ain’t now.”

Fine, if you’re playing a traditional game of poker. But if we were to continue this analogy, it comes out like this:

I did not ask to play this game. I was forced to. Additionally, the other four players are all on the same team and are all playing against me. They are also loading the deck.

The only advantage I might have is the gun under the table, and the others are not yet certain if I’m willing to pull the trigger or not. Unfortunately, the bouncers at the door are on their side, too.

McCain and the other two socialists are all Enemies of Liberty, and I will not vote for them. As Straightarrow said in comments: “I will never again vote slow suicide.”


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