As long as I’m on the subject

Wayne Allyn Root had this to say on Mike Gravel:

Gravel is in no way, shape or form a Libertarian. He’s just a big government, big-spending, redistribute the wealth, liberal- big difference. He’s clearly stumbled into the wrong party. Worse, he’s a Green Party supporter and potential candidate as well. The Green Party is not in any way compatible with the Libertarian Party. They are polar opposites of the political spectrum.

The problem is, when I checked Root’s position on various issues several weeks ago, on one specific issue he was definitely non-libertarian and essentially anti-liberty himself. You guessed it, the issue of firearms. So I went to his site to grab his position on firearms just to point out his own hypocrisy, and I was pleasantly surprised at what I found:

*I support the rights of citizens to bear arms. I believe in the Second Amendment- the part of our Bill of Rights that protects the individual right of all Americans to keep and bear arms. PERIOD. The first line of defense against terrorism is the armed American: let’s start treating patriotic American gun owners with the respect they deserve for shouldering this great responsibility and taking the unrealistic pressure off of our National Guard (which cannot be everywhere at once). This makes infinitely more sense than putting gun owners in jail for owning guns that were perfectly legal in 1985, while we turn America into a vast arena of undefended potential terrorism targets. Gun laws are a failure- they fail to stop criminals from buying guns on the black market. Yet they leave law-abiding Americans defenseless at the hands of criminals.
***NOTE: If you haven’t checked this site recently, I have strengthened my position on gun rights, due to the massive amounts of information that have been sent to me from well-informed gun owners across the nation. A special thank you to my Libertarian gun rights friends and fans. You are truly patriots.

How refreshing that his previous anti-liberty views were simply due to honest ignorance–which has now been corrected.

Root is currently the leading contender for the Libertarian Party presidential candidate. No, of course he has no chance of becoming President. However, if you have chosen never again to vote for a lesser evil, you may wish to carefully consider his positions on the issues that matter to you.

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