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Google is evil, and so is the U.N.

Posted in Information Control on February 25, 2008 by Darkman

From InfoNIAC, Corruption in the U.N. is not a News For Google News:

An internet journalist who exposed information regarding corruption inside the U.N. disappeared from Google news.Matthew Lee, an editor-in-chief, webmaster and reporter for the Inner City Press news source regularly posted stories about U.N., including those about corruption inside the organization. Those stories appeared regularly on Google news search engine on request for news about the U.N. However, the news from Inner City Press seemed to be excluded from Google News since the February, 13.

Lee reported about receiving an e-mail from Google on February, 8 saying that it can no longer include his site in Google News due to complaints from some users. He suspected that someone at UNDP took part in disappearance of his news source from Google.

The journalist is known for his candid remarks, that earned him an unfriendly attitude from the U.N. during the incident on a press conference in November 2007, when he asked why Google hadn’t signed the global human-rights and anti-censorship compact after Google reported about its partnership with UNDP to achieve anti-poverty goals. Lee thinks that both U.N. and Google agreed on limiting his access to the public.

As it was later found, someone e-mailed the Internet company, saying that Inner City Press violates the Google news rules, stating that news organizations should include at least two employees. After this, his site was de-listed from Google News. The disappearance of Inner City Press news from Google News was explained by temporary technical error.

Tuyet Nguyen, president of the U.N. Correspondents Association said that Google is “shutting people up and not doing a good thing for society by only defending their business interests.

Emphasis in original.

First they say it was removed because of complaints, then they change their story to the typical “violation of terms” excuse.