Five Points

Originally published August 15, 2001, this article is just as–if not more–valid now as it was then.

A Blueprint for Ending Gun Control, by L. Neil Smith and Aaron Zelman:

1. A holding action, no matter how prolonged, is doomed to defeat. You must decide to take the offensive and eliminate victim disarmament altogether and forever.

2. You can’t defend one right by sacrificing another. Other people are going to do things with their lives you don’t approve of, just as they’re unlikely to approve of everything you do. Making criminals of them gives socialists a precedent for making a criminal of you.

3. You can’t stay free—or regain your freedom—by exalting your oppressors, no matter how flashy their cars and uniforms may be.

4. You can’t defend without attacking. Let the world know who the real enemies of liberty are, and that there’s no such thing as a liberal.

5. And you must decide upon another kind of “Zero Tolerance”—for compromise.

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