Follow the money

Yahoo News reports Feds pay $80,000 over anti-Bush T-shirts:

A couple arrested at a rally after refusing to cover T-shirts that bore anti-President Bush slogans settled their lawsuit against the federal government for $80,000, the American Civil Liberties Union announced Thursday.Nicole and Jeffery Rank of Corpus Christi, Texas, were handcuffed and removed from the July 4, 2004, rally at the state Capitol, where Bush gave a speech. A judge dismissed trespassing charges against them, and an order closing the case was filed Thursday in U.S. District Court in Charleston.

“This settlement is a real victory not only for our clients but for the First Amendment,” said Andrew Schneider, executive director of the ACLU of West Virginia. “As a result of the Ranks’ courageous stand, public officials will think twice before they eject peaceful protesters from public events for exercising their right to dissent.”

White House spokesman Blair Jones said the settlement was not an admission of wrongdoing.

“The parties understand that this settlement is a compromise of disputed claims to avoid the expenses and risks of litigation and is not an admission of fault, liability, or wrongful conduct,” Jones said.

The front of the Ranks’ homemade T-shirts bore the international symbol for “no” superimposed over the word “Bush.” The back of Nicole Rank’s T-shirt said “Love America, Hate Bush.” On the back of Jeffery Rank’s T-shirt was the message “Regime Change Starts at Home.”

The ACLU said in a statement that a presidential advance manual makes it clear that the government tries to exclude dissenters from the president’s appearances. “As a last resort,” the manual says, “security should remove the demonstrators from the event.”

This was a victory for no one. Except the lawyers, of course. If the Ranks did it again, they’d be “removed” again. The “security” will continue to “remove” people because they wear t-shirts disapproving of King George. Nothing has changed.

But the Feds had to pony up $80,000, you say. Surely, that’s a victory of some sort.

No, it isn’t. Because “the Feds” didn’t pay anything. You and I did. And the fractional amount that came out of all the money they steal from us by threat of force our cumulative taxes to pay for this atrocity is nothing compared to the atrocious loss of liberty we have already experienced, and which allowed such a thing to happen.

“The Feds” will continue such infringements because they are not held responsible for it. They just pull a few thousand out of the coffers and keep right on going.

Via Nobody’s Business.


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