Disgraceful NRA

The NRA Disgraces Itself — Again by L. Neil Smith:

There can be no doubt that we are now living in a police state — albeit an extremely well-upholstered police state, at least for the time being — and that the National Rifle Association, in its usual, typical, dimwitted, bumbling eagerness to ingratiate itself with that police state’s architects, has just made the police state immeasurably worse.

No, I’m not repeating myself to no purpose. There is a method to my madness. I want all my readers to get accustomed to that expression “police state”, as in, ” .. and to the police state for which it stands … ”

We are also living in an age of failed and failing institutions, where nothing is as it’s advertised — to the extent that it ever was — and where, just to name a single example, even the Boy Scouts of America are torn between cruel bigotry and a nauseating political correctness.

We live in a culture where the Congress has given away its legal right and duty to declare — or to refrain from declaring — war, and the military that liberated Europe in two successive world wars, that distributed food and clothing and chewing gum to starving kids, now massacres entire neighborhoods, and terrorizes and tortures helpless prisoners.

We live in a culture where newspapers have long since abandoned their sacred Jeffersonian role in perpetual opposition to the all- devouring state, where the broadcast media will eagerly prostitute themselves to whatever purpose the government wants to use them, and where wealthy and powerful corporations collaborate with murderous slave-regimes to deny people their right to communicate freely with one another.

We live in a culture where the two major political parties have, for all intents and purposes, merged into a single monstrous entity whose only desire it to place its boot on our necks and rip away everything — our rights, our property, our lives — it can get away with.

Read the whole thing.

Via End the War On Freedom.

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