Fundamental human citizen rights

We Are All Potentially Enemy Combatants by John W. Whitehead:

In a world where the president has the power to label anyone, whether a citizen or permanent resident, an enemy combatant and detain that person indefinitely without trial, no liberty exists and everyone is potentially an “enemy combatant.”

According to the Bush Administration, Ali Saleh Kahlah Al-Marri is such a person.

This legal alien, residing in Peoria, Ill., with his wife and children, was attending college when he was swept up by government agents. He was held in a military prison for four years without ever being charged with a crime. And for the first 16 months of his imprisonment, this man’s family was not even allowed to see him, speak to him or reassure themselves that he was alive and well.

Because Al-Marri is not a U.S. citizen, the government denied him basic constitutional protections such as the right to hear the charges against him, consult an attorney and appear before a judge to determine if, in fact, he is guilty of anything. To some people, this is as it should be. But that’s not the way things are supposed to work here in America. Even the worst criminals in American history, from flesh-eating Jeffrey Dahmer to terrorist bomber Timothy McVeigh, were afforded an attorney and a trial.

So the elitists in charge decide that someone has no rights, because that someone is not a citizen of the United States. Nobody cares, because this person wasn’t technically a citizen, therefore the rest of us are still safe.

You think?

Who decided that fundamental rights are actually fundamental citizen rights? This kind of nationalistic attitude is nothing but racism in disguise. If non-citizens are undeserving of fundamental human rights, then so are we all.

Do you still feel safe, citizen?

Before you get too comfortable, you might want to check the list. You could be next, citizen.

Credit: End the War on Freedom.


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