Give me the heart of John the Savage

Lynn Stuter on The Second Amendment and Mental Disorders

315.00 Reading Disorder. Definition: As measured by a standardized tests, the patient’s ability to read (accuracy or comprehension) is substantially less than you would expect considering age, intelligence and education. This deficiency materially impedes academic achievement or daily living.315.1 Mathematics Disorder. Definition: Students with a mathematics disorder have problems with their math skills. Their math skills are significantly below normal considering the student’s age, intelligence, and education.

315.2 Disorder of Written Expression. Definition: A disorder resulting from problems in poor writing skills. Students with written expression disorder have a problem with their writing skills. Their writing skills are significantly below what is normal considering the student’s age, intelligence, and education. The poor writing skills cause problems with the student’s academic success or other important areas of life.

So, having lower than normal math or literature skills means you have a mental disorder, i.e., you are mentally defective.

How about this one:

One of the questions on this screening mechanism asks children if they feel anxiety in a social situation or if they have to speak before a group. One girl, responding that she did, was referred to a mental health profession under the prognosis of 300.23: Social Phobia.

The cycle is almost complete. The masses have been programmed to fear, and to do nothing but fear, that they may be inducted into the Cult of Victimhood. Now they must be taught that their fear is a mental disorder. Once enough people become convinced that it is normal to be insane, domination may proceed apace.

Those who refuse to accept the fear and insanity of the general populace will be dealt with.



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