Beyond Standing Your Ground

Via Buckeye Firearms Association, we have commentary on what the Stand Your Ground Movement really means from John Longenecker:

In the case of violent crime, the household is to be protected over the interests of the criminal; the presumption of intent is a step in the right direction. More needs to be done on removing the idea of automatic arrest of the homeowner in time of self-defense, and other unjust punishments based on erroneous political perceptions about a defending homeowner now written into procedure. That has to stop.

In the cases of school disputes, the parents reign supreme. Principals may no longer hide behind some administrative policy that ties their hands, but must honor the requests of the parents. And for cryin’ out loud, no more credence given to so-called experts when the real weight must be given to the real authority, the parents. Wipe out the idea of zero-tolerance and give latitude to the Principal to honor the instructions of the parents.

In the case of weapons, and the civil right for law-abiding to keep and bear them, the repeal of all gun laws should be part of the Nationwide Stand Your Ground Movement. Too long have our fellow Americans been permitted to believe that Liberty Enthusiasts are somehow isolated, anti-government slobs who haven’t had a bath since their last squirrel. For cryin’ out loud, where do you think we draw for our police officers and other first responders? Gun owners number around 80 million, and they’re adults. They’re also law-abiding. In the great debate over self-defense, you have to eliminate the illegal acts of individual criminals who may not lawfully even have a gun to begin with; address only those who may lawfully have one, and you begin to realize how unjust, how powerless, how political 22,000 gun laws have been since their inception.

The Stand Your Ground Movement isn’t just about personal self defense and the right to use justified lethal force in self defense without repercussions.

It goes far beyond that, into a great number of people finally saying: Enough is enough. Actually, enough is too much.

Yadyam. It means, “We’re not in trouble and we don’t need your help.” I did not coin it, but it fits. (I have the book written by the man who did coin this term, and will look it up a.s.a.p.).

Read the whole thing. And thanks to Mr. Longenecker for saying it better than I ever could.

UPDATE: I believe the author to whom I am referring is Neal Wilgus. He wrote a book about conspiracy theories called The Illuminoids. His use of the term “yadyam” was not in that book, however. It was in some loose-leaf essays of his that I once read many years ago.



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