The Answerless Answer

Newspeak from the NRA, courtesy of The War on Guns:

Of course, in the aftermath of such tragedies, Americans ask “why” and seek solutions to prevent future tragedies from occurring. If we are truly to find solutions to preventing school shootings, a wide range of remedies must be on the table for consideration, including whether or not there should be a lawful, armed presence on our nation’s campuses. However, at the top of the discussion list, should be trying to figure out what has gone so wrong in these instances that an individual(s) feels the need to take the lives of young students in what should be a safe environment. One thing that is certain, however, is that passing additional gun control laws should not be part of the discussion, as again, you can’t make what these criminals do with guns at schools any more illegal than it already is.

By which Ms. Anglewicz actually means:  We only care about your so-called “rights” as long as we can make money off them.  If we actually took a stand and solved some problems, you marks might quit sending us money.

As long as the NRA continues to endorse these murderer empowerment zones, they are among the Enemies of Liberty.

Take the blinders off, people.  On this item, the NRA hierarchy is in agreement with the Brady Campaign.  That should make people realize that something has gone seriously, terribly wrong.



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