Insane Society

I agree with Ira Goldberg on one thing: society as a whole is insane. A society that can condone the murder of defenseless unborn children while simultaneously weeping while throwing flowers on the memorial of a mass murderer is certainly insane. A society that tries to take away your fundamental right of self defense, while simultaneously claiming that such self defense is an infringement of the aggressor’s rights is insane. But Goldberg is just stupid.

As a constitutional scholar of some experience, I am perfectly content to adhere to the strict construction and original intention the right wing worships, to permit under the Second Amendment such guns to be privately held as have the same, but not greater, capacity as those available in 1789. Hunters could hunt, homeowners could defend and massacres would end.

No, Ira. The Second Amendment has nothing to do with hunting. It has everything to do with owning the best possible arms available, so that when the time comes, we can take a tyrannical government down and start over again.

By the way, Ira. This works more than one way. How about we take away your ability to use the internet or have your newsrag printed with modern, high-speed presses? (That–you know–is to journalists what “high-powered rifles” are to gun owners).

You have a fundamental right to print this drivel by the best possible means–and that right is protected (but not created) by the Constitution. Are you ready to start trying to distribute your worthless opinions with 18th-century technology? Simple question, yes or no.

If your answer is yes, then fair enough–although my response to you would still be molon labe.  If your answer is no, then what makes you think the First Amendment is any more or less valid than the Second?

Credit:  Xavier Thoughts.



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