No, you do not have this all straight

A Voice of Reason has an uninformed view, actually:

So let’s see if I have this all straight.

1. [Name redacted because I refuse to print it–Darkman], the mad gunman of VT, had an e-bay account.

2. He used this account to bypass federal and state background check regulations.

3. The good folks at e-Bay had no obligation to assure that the gun supplies listed on the e-Bay website did not get sold to the wrong people.

The good folks at eBay are well known for their anti-gun bias. They have decided how many cartridges a magazine is allowed to hold, and they have decided it is ten. This is regardless of state and federal laws that no longer impose such an artificial and arbitrary restriction.

The VT mass murderer purchased magazines via eBay. Magazines are not subject to any background checks, not by any existing state or federal laws.

He did not purchase any ammunition. He purchased a couple of magazines, which, by the way, were standard 10-round magazines, since they are the only kind in existence for the Walther P-22.


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